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1-2-1 Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maths Anxiety?

A child can develop anxiety about not knowing what to do in maths. This stems from public shame and can include symptoms such as panic, blanking, missing school, and rage. 
All these symptoms can be minimised with appropriate coaching.

What are Maths Manipulatives?

Maths Manipulatives are objects that help explain a mathematical idea. There are objects to understand place value, fractions, algebra, number bonds, geometry and more! Some common examples are Cuisenaire Rods, Algebra Tiles, Dienes equipment, Rekenrek, and abacus to name a few! The photo above demonstrates square and cube numbers, for example.

Why is your coaching different?

I focus on the psychology of maths. If you are afraid, you cannot think. I have developed particular techniques to support fearful students and because I used concrete maths objects and picture-based models, when I explain an idea it is self-evident. This is calming. I also work with the Science of Forgetting so my students realised they will quickly forget concepts if they do not recall them. I often put students on my fluency programme to polish key skills. This usually improved confidence within 3 weeks.

How does online coaching work?

We use a video conferencing site called Zoom, so we can see and hear one another. We write on a collaborative whiteboard called Bitpaper. I can also screenshare so students can access the wealth of online resources available, as well as my considerable collection of resources. This makes each lesson highly unique and tailored to YOUR child. The online environment is excellent for concentration. My youngest student is 8. Book a free assessment if you want to experience the medium!

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