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A Collaboration of UN Accredited Climate Change Teachers

OUR PLANET LEARNING provides sustainable and environmental ‘climate ready’ education.

  The General Director of UNICEF, Henrietta H Fore, in an open letter to the young people of today writes of her concerns about how their future will be affected by Climate Change.

‘There is perhaps no greater threat facing the rights of the next generation of children […]  the children of today, are facing a new set of challenges and global shifts that were unimaginable to [their] parents. Our climate is changing beyond recognition. Inequality is deepening. Technology is transforming how we perceive the world. And more families are migrating than ever before. Childhood has changed, and we need to change our approaches along with it.’

With a curriculum monitored by UN accredited Climate Change teachers, One Planet Academy is changing the approach of education.  Our live online lessons are carefully designed to help students reflect upon and develop new and productive ways of engaging with the world.

  1. Each subject will consider our position within the natural world and what it means to be human in the twenty-first century.

  2. All subjects will be purposeful in that they will give students valuable tools that will be relevant in the world that they will be entering.

  3. Connections between subjects will be made whenever possible.

  4. The lessons will build a visionary curriculum that prioritises empathy, and personal development, and develops opportunities for practical learning without neglecting academic achievement.

Being Human – The Stories that shape us


with Jude Allen

Explore what it means to be human in the 21st century.  Together we will compare Western cultural narratives with some alternative stories, asking how the literature that surrounds us has perhaps contributed to the climate emergency that we now face.  How do stories affect the way we see ourselves? How do myths enter our culture and affect our perceptions of the world? We will conclude with the creation of some new stories that rewrite the way we see ourselves, offering hope and sustainability for the future.


with Alexandra James-Gets

In the face of Climate Change, we need citizens who are able to discern truth from fallacy. Recognising sound logic vs false arguments will help our future adults develop clear reasoning. In this time of ‘fake news’ and ‘fact-checking’, it is more important than ever to develop independent thinking. An argument is more than just a difference of opinions! If you want to build sound arguments, then this course will teach you how! 

There are different forms of argument, and understanding their structure can help you distinguish fact from fiction. We will use classical Greek geometry as a tool for developing deductive reasoning, the strongest form of logical argument. We will develop your ability to reason logically by defining inductive and deductive argument forms. We will see why deductive reasoning is more robust, and learn about the five axioms that Euclid used to underpin deductive reasoning. We will practice deductive reasoning with crime scene games, and then use deductive arguments to build up a series of geometric facts.

Permaculture Design for 11-14 year olds


Guidance & Inspiration

A 6-week exploration into the way nature works, and how we can learn from this to design human lifestyles that are healthier for people and for the planet.
Together we will learn about the origins of permaculture design, it’s ethics, principles and design methods. Understanding the way nature functions is a good basis for designing human systems that are regenerative. Permaculture takes the principles of eco-systems and applies them to the ways humans live, through ethical design. In this course, we will explore how an ethical foundation combined with creative and intelligent design can help us to live in a way that works for both humans and the rest of nature.

Climate Change Education: Services
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