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Bad at Maths?

Does your child feel stupid or afraid?

Is maths homework a regular trauma?
Do you fear your child will fail their final maths exam?

You can change that!

I use concrete objects and pictures to make maths concepts intuitive and easy to understand. Once an idea is meaningful, your child's fear dissolves and they are on the way to mathematical success!

5 Reasons why you're "Bad at Maths"

and how to fix them

To help your child overcome their struggle with maths, you must identify the underlying cause.


Gaps in your knowledge

You may have gaps – these open up easily, from a bit of time off school, changing school, or even just changing sets…If you identify where your gaps are, then you can close the gap! Get a free assessment below and make a plan to fill in the missing pieces!

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Poor maths mindset

Believing you are incapable of maths may have in turn developed into maths anxiety.  You can retrain your thinking patterns, and learn to love mistake-making because of what mistakes can teach you. You can learn how to ask questions, and enter the conversation in the maths classroom.


You don't know how to study

If you don’t know anything about how memory works, you may not be studying in a way that puts ideas into your long term memory… a few tweaks as to WHEN you learn can change everything! If you want to know more about the science of forgetting and scheduled repetition, contact me about my short "How to Study" course.
I also offer supervised revision programmes.


You may have Dyscalculia

You may have dyscalculia – more than 1 in 20 people do… This is a developmental learning disorder which can be overcome with specialized exercises and experiences. If you’re concerned about this, get a dyscalculia assessment today and start re-training your brain – you are lucky to live in a time where we understand much better how to change the brain..! Very exciting!


You may have a poor teacher

If you don’t resonate with your teacher, ask if you can change sets, investigate other schools or get a private coach to help you.

About Alexandra


I have been teaching maths since 2006, both as a tutor and in schools. I love coaxing the self-esteem of my students and using my concrete-pictorial teaching style to make every step of the curriculum self-evident.

Of course, teaching maths is not the only thing I have done with my life – I’m an adventurer and artist at heart. I’ve sailed across the Atlantic and raced across the North Sea. I’ve hiked up mountains, built giant installations at festivals, and written and directed quirky pantomimes. Most importantly, I fight the Climate Crisis at every opportunity, including qualifying as a UN-accredited Climate Change teacher in 2019.

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Office address: Fermentelos, Aveiro

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